Small Groups

Small groups are the basic building blocks for relationships in our church.

What are small groups?

Groups of 8-12 people who meet together regularly to care for each other spiritually. Group meetings usually consist of a Bible study or group activity with a spiritual purpose.

When do small groups meet?

Usually on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. We encourage small groups to minister to each other weekly. Because flexibility is one of our foundational principles (see more below) some groups will choose to meet on different nights or mornings.

Why should I be in a small group?

Because small groups are the basic building block for pastoral care; they are the best place for caring spiritual relationships to develop. Being involved in a small group also lends itself to a more engaging and active experience in the church than only attending worship or Bible classes.



What principles guide small groups at Bentonville?

Our small groups focus on developing pastoral care. Our goal is to have small groups who celebrate together, mourn together, and care for each other's spiritual growth. We want everyone to actively serve in their small group. To accomplish this we have laid out four principles: smallness, flexibility, consistency, and purpose. For more on how these apply, read the Small Group Brochure.

How do I join a small group?

You are welcome to join any small group to which you are invited, or check out this list of currently open groups and contact a leader! Take note of the new groups that are forming, they are highlighted in the blue line at the top of the page. 

Resources For Groups

Public reading of Scripture.

One of the most powerful spiritual activities a group can do is to simply read a few chapters of scripture out loud. Scripture was meant to be used this way. It is a simple spiritual activity, but combined with a meal and ample prayer and sharing it can be the backbone of a very successful small group. An advantage is that no one has to prepare a lesson or give a message.

Church Library and HomePointe Center.

The Library (Room 17, upstairs in main building) has many books and DVD series. These are all available for checkout to members. Our HomePointe Center (back of Worship Center) has many resources to guide parents and grandparents in having faith conversations at home, including some of the best Christian books on various life stages in the home.

Right Now Media.

This online Christian video service is made available to all members at Bentonville for free. It has thousands of videos for adults and children, including many excellent studies. To get your login and password please contact Greg Ziegler or the church office.

Discovery Bible Study.

This method of Bible study is easy to conduct with any small group, whether they are knowledgeable of scripture or new to the Bible. Read the explanation through several times to acquaint yourself with the method. It is simple and aims to make the word of God the primary teacher. This method can be used with any text in scripture, but here are 54 preplanned studies you can try to get started!

This website is a partner of Christianity Today and offers studies as well as tools and training for group leaders. The church has a subscription and can download resources for our leaders. If you see something you would like to use, just ask Josh.

Call or Visit with Josh.

Any of our small group leaders are welcome to call or schedule a visit to discuss group issues or find help with materials!