Followers of Jesus are called to become servants. We want to actively demonstrate self-sacrificial love by serving the people around us. It takes a lot of volunteers to sustain the weekly routines of Bentonville Church of Christ. We are a family, and like a family, we all pitch in.



There are many opportunities to serve on Sundays that bless the entire congregation. If you are interested in helping out on Sundays check out different areas you can help out below



AV Team

Help with setup of presentation slides for sermons and worship, as well as recording of the sermons on Sunday mornings.


Praise Team

If you are a gifted singer think about volunteering for praise team during second service.



Communion Prep

Communion is an important part of every Sunday service, help with preparing communion on Sundays.


Welcome/scripture reading

Be a part of Sunday service and volunteer to welcome the congregation and make announcements. Also volunteer to read a scripture before the sermons at either service.