We are involved in missions throughout the world, including Europe, Africa, and Latin America. If you are interested in joining one of our short-term trips to Mexico, Haiti, Ukraine, or Nigeria, contact John Dyas for information. Each church and missionary we sponsor is listed with a complete article on the next page. Click on the following links to see more information about our missions:

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The City of Children Orphan Home

Ensenada, Mexico

- About City of Children

Reyes and Chanita Medina - Colonia 89

Ensenada, Mexico

- About Reyes and Chanita

- Email Reyes and Chanita

 Daniel and Melinda - Colonia 89

Ensenada, Mexico

- About Daniel and Melinda

- Email Daniel and Melinda

Liberato and Elodia Ovalle - Bible Institute of Baja, CA

Ensenada, Mexico

- About the Baja Bible Institute

- Email Liberato and Elodia

 Roberto and Betty Zepeda (ILEB)

Toluca, Mexico

- About Roberto and Betty

- Email Roberto and Betty

Raul and Kim Solis, Distance Learning Program (ILEB)

Toluca, Mexico

- About Raul and Kim

-Zictepec Trip Details (2019 Trip Cancelled)

- Email Raul and Kim

 Arturo Aguilar and Monica Barrosa

Cholula, Mexico

- About Arturo and Monica

Colonia 89, Baja Summer Family Mission Trip

Ensenada, Mexico

- Baja Trip Details (2019 Trip Cancelled)

If you would like to submit an application for assistance funding a mission, please click here.



Deyemon, Canaan &Bonnette


- About Haiti

-Trip Details-Haiti


Biodun Owolabi, West Nigeria Christian College (WNCC)

Abeokuta, Nigeria

- About Biodun

-Email Biodun


Gabriel and Naibelis Damalis

Caballito Church of Christ, Buenos Aires

- About Caballito

Eastern European Missions


- About European Missions

Harding Scholarships

- About Scholarships

Gary Hutcheson Memorial fund

- About the Memorial Fund